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Mr Iain Goldrein QC

Queens Counsel: 1997

Call: 1975

Practice Areas


  • Clinical Negligence - [particularly brain damage at birth/ cerebral palsy and any issue arising from genetics] and catastrophic injury claims [brain and spinal cord]. In this arena he has a wide knowledge and experience of medical matters, medical expert evidence and the welfare issues that flow from catastrophic injury at all ages [e.g. adult social care]
  • Insurance disputes.
  • Professional [including solicitors'] negligence.
  • Privacy and the media - injunctive and "super" injunctive relief.
  • False imprisonment, malicious prosecution and misfeasance in public office.
  • Product liability including pharmaceutical product liability and blood products.
  • Liability for injuries sustained during competitive sport.
  • Engineering issues;
  • Pre-emptive commercial remedies including freezing and seizing orders/injunctions.
  • Alder Hey Body Parts Enquiry - acting for 400+ parents [Redfern QC was Chair to the Enquiry];
  • Acted for estate developer in the context of the failed foundations to a large housing estate;
  • Acted for directors of a major airline on an issue of alleged secret profits;
  • Appeal from Brunei to the Privy Council


  • Representation of the People Act [election fraud]
  • His successfully prosecuting one of the earliest cases involving computerised telephone evidence.
  • He has a special expertise in relation to covert surveillance and phonetic interpretation, and he has developed a practice protocol for covert surveillance evidence.
  • He has defended a case where the central witness for the prosecution was anonymous [under the 2008 legislation];
  • He successfully overcame a phalanx of pathology evidence ranged against him in a manslaugter prosecution against a club bouncer [drawing on his forensic medical experience];
  • He has a wide experience of human rights issues [including in the Court of Appeal];
  • Complex issues of ballistic evidence and DNA [he has a particular expertise in genetics]
  • Confiscation and Proceeds of Crime
  • He deployed his expertise in child psychology [harvested from practice in the Family Division] successfully to defend an family member charged as being part of a paedophile ring.
  • He has a particular expertise in non-accidental head injury to babies, again harmonising his experience of the Crown Court and the Family Division.
  • He challenged the telephone statistical evidence in one of the largest cases prosecuted by Avon and Somerset for 15 years securing an acquittal where his clients was charged with conspiracy to murder.
  • Recent lead cases in the Court of Appeal as to joint enterprise, and SOCPA agreements.
  • He has been licensed to appear in criminal trials in the Isle of Man.


  • Genetics and Human Rights in Family Law
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome;
  • Muslim circumcision;
  • Proceedings under the Forced Marriage Act;
  • Surrogacy;
  • Human Fertilisation and Embryology;
  • Human Rights and Judicial Review;
  • Schedule 1 Children Act claims [Property and maintenance]
  • Media Access to the Family Courts and Reporting Restriction Orders;
  • Factitious Induced Injury [FII "Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy"];
  • International Child Abduction
  • Non-accidental head injury [NAHI]
  • Wardship post-Children Act
  • He also has an expertise in the inter-action of insolvency, divorce and the matromonial home.

Books & Articles

  • Sixth Edition of "Ship Sale and Purchase" has been officially translated into Chinese and is being published in Beijing.
  • Appointed Visiting Professor of Law and Genetics at Bolton University, 2016
  • Appointed International Advisory Editor, Malaysian Civil Procedure, 2015
  • Appointed Advisory Editor, Hong Kong Civil Procedure, 2016
  • Iain Goldrein has been asked to provide the Foreword to the Singapore Edition of Bullen and Leake and Jacob's Precedents of Pleadings.
  • Iain Goldrein is consulting editor of "Commercial Litigation in Hong Kong - A Practical Guide"
  • Privacy and the Media: A Practitioner’s Manual  - Foreword by Lord Neuberger MR [“A”: Hart Publishing: February 2012, which embraces the arena of what are popularly known as “Super-Injunctions” and is intended to empower and enfranchise all stakeholders in this field, including the media and journalists, thus also to provide for a properly informed debate].
  • Commercial Litigation – Pre-Emptive Remedies: International Edition [General Editor: 2005 and 2nd edition January 2012, [“A” with a Foreword by Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers].
  • Ship Sale and Purchase: Law and Technique [Forewords by Lords Justice Steyn, Anthony Evans, Rix and Lord Mance]. Lloyds of London Press/Informa: 6th edition due in August 2012. [Now with Clyde and Co]. From the first edition, he explored the needs of diverse stakeholders in the market throughout the world [irrespective of background etc] also to empower them in a legal context. It has been a market leader for nearly 25 years. [he first wrote the book in 1985 at the request of the publishers who had an urgent commercial need, and who turned to me because of his reputation in the publishing market for keeping to a publishing time-table and yet producing quality material].
  • Insurance Disputes [Informa: 3rd edition January 2012 with Lord Mance, Prof. Merkin and sub-editors, seeking to advance a genuine integrity and transparency in the conduct of insurance litigation and to empower litigators irrespective of background to achieve best practice];
  • Hong Kong White Book: Advisory Editor.
  • Child Case Management Practice; 2009 and 2nd edition in 2012, Jordans publishers; with Ryder J and sub-editors [This book highlights the importance of focus on the key issue(s) in the context of the Public Law Outline in family proceedings. It empowers litigators through its simple clarity in the further context of the time-table for the child, and the need for cost-effectiveness in this field of dispute resolution].
  • Civil Court Practice [“Green Book” – co-editor 1999 - 2012];
  • Editor of the forthcoming Hong Kong Bullen and Leake [again, with many HK editors from diverse backgrounds].

Areas of Practice

Off Shore Legal Services:

Please download details of Iain Goldrein QC's Off Shore Legal Services here



Qualified Mediator in Commerce and Family matters:

  • Accredited by the Academy of Experts [1991] and the ADR Group [2009 and 2010]
  • His assistance with a leading book on mediation published in HK ["The Hong Mediation Handbook" 2010] is expressly acknowledged in that work by the Editor.

Panel Member of:

  • Consensus Mediation
  • ADR Group
  • Academy of Experts
  • Belief in Mediation and Arbitration (BIMA - expressly aimed at achieving harmony in the context of diversity)

Other Memberships: Civil Mediation Council and the Association of Northern Mediators.

University of West London: He has provided assistance to Ealing Law School as to the launching of a mediation course.

Asia Mediation Handbook 2015: Foreword

Royal College of Mediators: Ian Goldrein QC has formally proposed this initiative to the Civil Mediation Council, [and also when asked to advise a groups of Peers in the House of Lords in November 2011, see below]. Such Royal College would provide an over-arching body for training and regulation, but also expressed on the following basis:

"Royal" status provides not just concrete recognition of the central relevance and importance of mediation as an established and constitutional system of dispute resolution in its own right, but also helps to strengthen a culture which fits the paradigm demanded by a 21st century multi-cultural democracy: stake-holding in solutions achieved creatively bottom up, rather than imposed by a court top down.

Judicial Appointments:

  • Panel Deemster: Isle of Man from 2012.
  • Deputy High Court Judge [Family Division] from 2008.
  • Recorder with authority to sit in:
  • Crime [from 1995];
  • Civil [from 1998];
  • Family [from 1999].
  • Member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal [Restricted Cases Panel] 1999 - 2002.

Non  - Judicial Appointments:

  • Advisory Editor: Malaysian White Book
  • Visiting Professor: The Sir Jack Jacob Chair, Nottingham Law School.
  • Companion: The Academy of Experts.
  • Fellow: The Royal Society of Arts.
  • Fellow: Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.
  • Advisory Editor: Hong Kong Civil Procedure [The Hong Kong "White Book"].
  • Council Member: International Institute of Experts [Hong Kong].
  • Advisory Council Member: The Centre for Opposition Studies, Westminster
  • Commission: Major Liverpool's Commission on Environmental Sustainability

Centre for Opposition Studies at Westminster


Iain Goldrein QC accepted an invitation to join the Advisory Board of the non-political body: Centre for Opposition Studies. This Council currently includes celebrated academics and peers. Based in Westminster, the Centre exists to promote greater study of political opposition in the UK and elsewhere. It is a cross-party organization that operates as non-profit.

What is the Centre?

  • The Centre for Opposition Studies is a research group dedicated to the study of political opposition in the UK and other political systems.
  • Opposition, and specifically Loyal Opposition, is a crucial part of the political system in the UK and elsewhere. The scrutiny of those in power is a fundemental principle of a free and open society, and the effectiveness of a political opposition can have a profound impact on the functioning of democracy.

Centre for Islamic Finance:

Iain Goldrein QC has accepted an invitation to membership of the International Advisory Board of the Centre for Islamic Finance at Bolton University.

This centre is a new initiative to facilitate research and promoting the understanding of Islamic Finance through lectures, conferences and short courses. From September 2012 it will offer post graduate degrees. The Centre for Islamic Finance was launched in 2012 with an inaugural lecture given by Dr Ahmed Ali, President of the Islamic Development Bank and was attended by business leaders, academics and finance managers from across the UK.


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