Blackpool man receives 21 year sentence after trial

Steven Ball prosecuting

The Defendant was found guilty by a unanimous verdict by a jury in a 6 day trial heard at the beginning of December 2023. He had been in a short-lived relationship in which he subjected his victim to violence including an incident of rape and strangulation in which she received several broken ribs. During another incident he kidnapped his victim’s 6 year old daughter and drove her away having stolen her Mother’s car.

The victim pleaded with the Defendant not to drive away but found herself being grabbed by the hair and was half in and half out of the car as it moved away. The car crashed into a post and the victim found herself on the road. The Defendant deliberately reversed the car over her abdomen in order to get away causing multiple fractures to the spine and permanent scarring. Judge Parry described the Defendant as dangerous and posing a significant risk of physical and sexual violence which justified an extended period of licence extending the sentence to 26 years.

Steven was instructed by Jennifer Mansell of the RASSO Unit of CPS in Manchester.

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