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03 July 2015

Implications of the 8.75% cut to the litigators’ fee

The imposition of an 8.75% cut to the litigators' fee on 1st July has caused unanimous disquiet amongst the members of chambers who do criminal work. Individual members of chambers have taken the decision not to accept instructions on cases in which a representation order is dated after 30th June 2015.

There is very strong support for solicitors' action to refuse work at the rates imposed on 1st July 2015.

The overwhelming view amongst members of chambers prior to yesterday's announcement of a ballot by the C.B.A. was to re-introduce a policy of refusing to take returns in any case with a representation order. The purpose of this was to give support to our solicitor colleagues.

Given that the C.B.A. has belatedly decided to ballot on the issue, many feel that we should await the outcome of the ballot before extending our position to cover cases in which representation orders pre-date 1st July. Having said that, a significant number of members of chambers have taken the decision to refuse to accept returns in any case with a representation order with immediate effect.


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