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05 November 2013

Bullets, Assaults, Intent to Supply, Rape

Bullets, Assaults, Intent to Supply, Rape
05 November 2013

Bullets, Assaults, Intent to Supply, Rape

Bullets, Assaults, Intent to Supply, Rape

Bullets found in shoe by Airport security

A wealthy businessman caught with live ammunition hidden in his shoe as he passed through airport security was jailed for six years yesterday.

Construction boss, Michael McMahon was found with 13 rounds and two spent bullets secreted in a tiny drawstring bag, hidden in a trainer in his luggage.

The 64-year-old was arrested at Liverpool John Lennon Airport on August 22 by anti terrorist police who then searched his seven-bedroom home and discovered two illegal pistols and more bullets.

McMahon could give no valid explanation for the ammunition in his luggage, and insisted he was travelling to Dublin for closure relating to a brother who died 30 years ago.

Simon Driver, QC, defending McMahon at Liverpool Crown Court, said that his client was a man of the world who had built a successful construction business and it was difficult to swallow that authorities thought he was smuggling bullets overseas.

McMahon was jailed for possession of firearms, ammunition and an airport security act offence.

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Former teacher assaults taxi driver in drunken frenzy

Taxi driver, James Furlong picked up ex-teacher John Randall in Bromborough, at 7.15pm on April 4.

Liverpool Crown Court was told that Randall was drunk and his speech was slurred so Mr Furlong asked him for £10 in advance. Randall started to become abusive later in the journey so Mr Furlong stopped, gave Randall back his £10 and told him to get out of the taxi. When Randall refused, Mr Furlong rang 999 and was then subjected to a sustained attack which resulted in a fractured eye socket.

Randall was arrested a month later after being identified by CCTV and later pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm.

Keith Sutton, defending, said: He (Randall) had difficulty coming to terms with the fact that he had acted so out of character. He said he was disgusted with his behaviour and expressed his sincere apologies.

Randall was jailed for 8 months.

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Man jailed for intent to supply cannabis to accused, in the dock

A man was jailed for intent to supply drugs to the leader of the notorious Croxteth Crew gang Ð while he was in the dock at Liverpool Crown Court.

Daniel Fitzsimmons, 31, was spotted acting suspiciously by police when he was in court with the gangs top man Anthony Jewell earlier this year.

At the time of the offence, Jewell was facing trial and was later convicted of carrying out a campaign of terror involving shootings and firebomb attacks on underworld rivals, their families, and innocent victims caught in the crossfire.

At Fitzsimmons trial David McLachlan, prosecuting, said Jewell was observed, in court, walking over to Fitzsimmons and put his hand on his right shoulder while talking to him.

The exchange was spotted by a police detective who later stopped Fitzsimmons outside court and found two lumps of cannabis in his underwear, which was due to be passed to Jewell.

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Support worker jailed for raping vulnerable woman in his care

A support worker who raped a vulnerable woman he was supposed to be looking after was jailed for five years.

Edward Weir, 42 was assigned to care for the recovering alcoholic but began sending her explicit text messages before they began a consensual sexual relationship.

But the 42-year-old started to lose interest in his client and raped her when she refused to carry out sex acts he demanded, leaving her screaming and injured, Liverpool Crown Court was told.

The ordeal pushed the woman to start drinking again before reporting the attack to police.

Teresa Loftus, defending, said Weir had lost his job of 10 years and his good name but his partner was standing by him.

A Liverpool council spokesman confirmed that Weir had already been sacked from his job for gross misconduct in July this year.

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