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17 September 2013

Kickboxer broke motorists neck, Mother of 2 jailed for drug dealing, Waless biggest ever fraud

17 September 2013

Kickboxer broke motorists neck, Mother of 2 jailed for drug dealing, Waless biggest ever fraud

Kickboxer jailed after breaking motorists neck during road rage incident

Steven Williams launched the furious assault on an innocent driver as the mans six-year-old nephew looked on.

Liverpool Crown Court heard how Williams, 31, who admitted he was trained in mixed martial arts, (cage fighting), was driving down Prescot Road on April 10 last year and tried to undertake traffic because he was in a hurry. Peter Cahill, 50, had stopped his car and was getting out so got in Williams way.

Williams stopped his car and hurled abuse at Mr Cahill before administering a savage beating. He lifted his victim before slamming him on the floor and falling on him, breaking two vertebrae in his neck and causing spinal injuries which have left Mr Cahill permanently disabled.

Williams denied causing grievous bodily harm with intent at his trial last month, insisting he was acting in self defence. But jurors rejected his story and found him guilty.

At his sentencing hearing Trevor Parry-Jones, defending, said Williams was a caring man, a family man, a man who was delighted by the birth of his child and still longs to look after that child”.

He said he had no previous convictions and added: He will carry that conviction for the rest of his life. The effect of that is probably terrible for his wife but that is the consequence. He regrets the incident. He regrets that he became involved. He has at that moment blighted his life and caused these terrible injuries for which he is remorseful.

The judge at the trial, taking into account Williams previous good character, sentenced Williams to six years in prison.

Article Source: Liverpool Echo


Breathtaking level of deception unearthed in Waless biggest ever fraud case

Police are going to try and recover money from a criminal gang who stole millions of pounds from banks and building societies by making bogus mortgage applications.

A court hearing under the Proceeds of Crime Act will happen late next year to recover the funds from ringleader Antony Lowry-Hughes, a former police officer from Kinmel Bay, his business partner Sheila Whalley, 67, and their co-conspirators.

Lowry-Hughes, 65, was jailed for seven years on Friday and Walley, 65, got six years. Both were banned from being company directors. Their accomplices, solicitor Nicholas Jones, 54 and surveyor Frank Darlington, 62, got four years each. Hughes wife Susan Lowri-Hughes, 60, was said to be on the periphery and under the influence of her husband – she received a 12 month prison sentence suspended for two years with 300 hours unpaid work.

All denied conspiracy to defraud but were convicted after a marathon four month trial. Nigel Power QC Ð who represented Hughes told Mold Crown Court the losses were not yet known and stressed that the defendants would have to be sentenced on the 189 mortgage applications dealt with at trial. The prosecution said the sums involved were between £15.5m and £24m but, for sentencing purposes, the Judge dealt with the defendants on the basis of £6.5m Ð this amount being the net figure Ð the difference between what was paid out and what would have been paid out had the applications been genuine.

Article Sources: Daily Post and Wales Online



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