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24 September 2013

Last chance for Cannabis dealer, company fined for teenage bikers death, murderer jailed for life

24 September 2013

Last chance for Cannabis dealer, company fined for teenage bikers death, murderer jailed for life

Company fined for teenage bikers death

JA Jones & Sons (Churchtown) Ltd of Southport pleaded guilty at Liverpool Crown Court to the death of Ryan Acaster who was killed after a fatal bike crash in July 2008.

Ryan, 17, from Chorley, was killed after being catapulted off his 110cc off-road bike when he hit a length of thin, wire cable strung across a woodland path on a dirt track in Lancashire.

The cable had been stretched between two trees at the entrance to a wood, near Southport, owned by JA Jones & Sons. The cable was designed to act as a barrier to deter people from entering the private land.

The cable had been erected by a member of staff at JA Jones, Adrian Johnson, along with a warning sign to deter trespassers, but the sign had been removed by an unnamed person some time ago and had been replaced by a grubby white shirt.  Ryan was killed after failing to notice the cable.

The company was fined £50,000 and will have to pay costs, amounting to a total of £100,209.96, within the next four years.

Prosecuting, Nigel Lawrence QC, said: “The cable should have been removed while there was no sign present and Adrian Johnson should have done more to alert people to the potential danger. Such failures by the company gave rise to the potential of danger, a danger that ultimately claimed the life of Ryan Acaster.

“The cable and shirt combination presented a foreseeable risk of serious injury and should have been dealt with accordingly, Mr Lawrence added.

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Man who killed just to see what murder felt like jailed for life

James Hoyle was found calmly packing a bin bag of clothes while his victim’s body lay in a pool of blood next to him. When police arrested him on suspicion of murder he told them: “There’s no suspicion about this. He’s been dead for half an hour. I’ve killed him.”

The 38-year-old had only just been released from prison after serving a five-year sentence for battering a homeless man with a metal bar when he stabbed Lee Doyle to death.

Mr Doyle, a drug addict, was living in the same lodgings as Hoyle in Walton, Liverpool.

Police arrived at the scene to find a “calm” Hoyle who had, without warning, used two knives to stab Mr Doyle four times in the neck and chest, with one of the blades snapping off.

Prosecutor Ian Unsworth QC said: “The murder was carried out with ruthless precision. One knife struck the heart of the deceased, another severed his jugular vein. The deceased had no chance of survival and died at the scene.”

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