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Martyn Walsh

Call 2017


Criminal Bar Association
Lincoln’s Inn
Mentor for students of Manchester Metropolitan University

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    K v D and Others (Ongoing): Prosecuting as Junior Counsel in an Operation Venetic ‘Encrochat’ case currently listed for Trial in 2025 with an estimate of several weeks. The case has involved the usual applications in respect of disclosure and admissibility challenges by Senior Counsel for the defendants. The issues are complex with attribution and sequence of events charts being a feature of the presentation required.

    K v K and Others (March 2024): Prosecuting at Carlisle Crown Court this case was originally investigated as an attempted murder and involved a local gang feud. The case involved the defendants driving to a local address and using the vehicle as a weapon to cause serious injury to two other people. The Section 28 procedure was used for a young witness and interpreters were also required. The case resolved by way of Guilty pleas and sentence is due to be passed later this year.

    K v N (October 2023): Defending Mr N who was charged with Rape following an after pub party at his home address. Mr N was a local footballer who was well respected within the local community. The case involved the Section 28 cross examination procedure and a number of difficult witnesses were required to give evidence at the Trial.

    K v M and Others (August 2023): Prosecuting 17 defendants overall and including a two week Trial relating to an offence of Violent Disorder. The matter involved local protests in the Merseyside area that resulted in damage to property and injury to Police Officers. The case required careful examination of many hours of CCTV and identification of those responsible.

    K v C (August 2023): Defending in a multi-handed Robbery and Section 18 assault case. Instructed by a local firm of Solicitors. After medical reports were obtained and representation made to the Crown the case resulted in no evidence being offered and Mr C was acquitted.

    K v I (May 2023): Defending Mr I who was charged with several sexual offences including Rape of a female following a house party during COVID. The case involved the Section 28 Cross Examination procedure of the witness and following Trial Mr I was acquitted by the Jury of all charges.

    K v M (August 2022): Defending in a multi-handed drugs importation conspiracy. The case involved the importation of large amounts of Class A drugs from abroad using the cover of the movement of foodstuffs. The resulting pleas were negotiated and accepted by the Crown during the Trial.

    K v I and O (April 2022): Prosecuting a lengthy and complex money laundering case involving Nigerian defendants who had been concerned in the laundering of proceeds of crime. The case related to inheritance frauds in respect of victims in France and Poland and so international Letters of Request were needed along with complicated money trail examination. The defendants were convicted following Trial.

    K v C and Others (April 2022): Prosecuting a multi-handed Class A drugs Conspiracy at Chester CC known as Operation Renewed involving county lines drug dealing and the movement of quantities of drugs from the Liverpool area to Chester. The case was brought by Cheshire Police and involved lengthy Sequence of Events charts along with vehicle identification technology resulting in convictions for all of those involved.

    K v G (March 2022): Defending in a sexual assault trial involving a local taxi driver. The case involved Section 28 cross examination of the witness and cell site mast triangulation experts. Following trial Mr G was acquitted of the charges.

    R v S (October 2020): a Prosecution of a male for nine counts of Burglary Dwelling, convicted and received a six year sentence.

    R v M (April 2020): Defending a Section 18 Domestic abuse allegation involving hostile witness and expert medical evidence.

    R v L (ongoing): Defence Led Junior by another member of chambers, large scale, multi-handed drugs conspiracy linking Newcastle and Liverpool.

    R v M (June 2017): Sexual assault of a child under 13 – historic sex abuse, ABE and Section 28 procedures.

    R v T (June 2017): Section 18, special measures.

    R v H (March 2017): Rape, involving legal argument on jurisdiction, ABE editing, vulnerable victim, re trial in July of same year.

    R v S (October 2016): Drugs Importation, 42 days in length, multi handed, PII applications, telephone evidence and surveillance all involved, extensive schedules including sequence of events, unused material, third party applications, international evidence, calling and cross examination of experts and Police.

    R v R (February 2016): Causing Death by careless driving – a difficult case involving a tragic death of a young man on a motorbike, lengthy cross examination of expert witness, family members from both sides present throughout.

    R v VS (February 2015): Sexual Assault of child, sensitive familial allegation with the full Section 28 procedure engaged.

    R v MN (June 2014): Conspiracy to Supply Class A drugs, a multi handed case which was dismissed at half time by the Trial Judge, the decision was appealed by the Crown and later determined by the Court of Appeal. The trial continued to conclusion. PII and disclosure addressed including drafting of skeleton arguments.

    R v ST (November 2014): Rape, issues of consent and misidentification during a party, cross examination of vulnerable victim using special measures, previous sexual behaviour explored.

    R v MH (July 2013): Conspiracy to Supply Class A drugs, a multi handed case with large page count including schedules, raw telephone data, PII applications, bad character applications, cut-throat defence.


    Martyn practised as a solicitor for seven years at a well-respected practice in the North West before being called to the bar in 2017. He specialises in criminal law.

    Martyn started practice being involved in high value fraud cases involving cases brought by HMRC and the Serious Fraud Office. He qualified as a Solicitor Advocate in 2009 and enjoyed a successful career as a Crown Court Advocate, representing a wide range of clients at the Magistrates Court and the Crown Court.

    Martyn also has extensive experience in cases involving drugs conspiracy, serious assaults ranging from common assault to Section 18 GBH, robbery, possession of firearms, historic and child sexual offences.

    Martyn accepts work from the Crown Prosecution Service and is a Grade 3 prosecutor.


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