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Miss Teresa Loftus

Hull University (1993)

Call: Lincolns Inn (1995)

Professional Memberships: Northern Circuit, Criminal Bar Association

Practice Areas


Undertakes serious criminal work nationally with a particular emphasis on the following areas:

  • Homicide and other serious violence
  • Serious Sexual Offences
  • Child Neglect and Cruelty
  • Fraud
  • Drug conspiracies

Member of the CPS Specialist Fraud Panel and Rape Panel.
A Category 4 prosecutor selected for the Attorney General’s Unified List.

Notable Cases

  • R v Holding & Others (Chester Crown Court – 2014) Successful acquittal of taxi driver, alleged to have acted as a courier for £1.2m of Class A drugs.
  • R v Estridge & Another (Manchester Crown Court – 2014) Defence of man charged with Conspiracy to possess firearms & ammunition with intent to endanger life.
  • R v Wayne Smith (Liverpool Crown Court – 2014) Led junior in case involving the murder of former partners new lover.
  • R v Paul Holmes (Liverpool Crown Court- 2014) Successful acquittal in respect of historical allegations of sexual abuse for a man now serving a life sentence for Murder.
  • R v Antoniou (Liverpool Crown Court – 2014) Successful acquittal in respect of multiple rape allegations.
  • R v Maria Clarke & Others (Preston Crown Court – 2013) Defending in the multi handed prosecution of the “Clarke organised crime gang” in respect of offences of money laundering, large scale conspiracy to supply drugs & firearms.
  • R v Doolan & Others (Liverpool Crown Court – 2013) Leading Junior in trial of conspiracy to possess firearms with intent to endanger life, conspiracy to commit arson & drugs offences. Case surrounded the conflict between two traveller families in St Helens.
  • R v C (Liverpool Crown Court – 2013) Defending a 15 Year old boy in respect of offences of robbery and possession of an imitation firearm. This was a sensitive case involving the commission of an armed bank robbery by a young offender, which attracted significant national media coverage.
  • R v Sean Mills and others (Leamingtin Spa Crown Court- 2013) Led Junior in a 12 week murder trial in which this first defendant on the indictment was alleged to have organised the gang robbery and killing of a mobile phone salesman in the Coventry area in order to take his van containing stock (Defending).
  • R v Merricks (Stoke on Trent Crown Court – 2013) Successful acquittal of serial sex offender in respect of historical allegations of sexual abuse of a family member.
  • R v Maureen Smith and others – (Liverpool Crown Court – 2012) Led Junior in a 12 week murder trial in which this first defendant on the indictment was alleged to have organised the robbery and killing of her partner in order to take £40,000 of his drug trafficking proceeds (Defending)
  • R v Hayes (Liverpool Crown Court): Defending in large scale prosecution brought by HMRC in relation offences of conspiracy to cheat the public revenue.
  • R v Goodall (Exeter Crown Court): Multi handed conspiracy to supply class A drugs to the southwest region.
  • R v Green (Liverpool Crown Court): Prosecution of historical sexual abuse involving a family member.
  • R v Young (Warrington Crown Court): Defending familial sexual abuse
  • R v Anderson (Liverpool Crown Court): Represented the prosecution in this brutal attempted murder of former partner.
  • R v Stothart (Liverpool Crown Court): Defence of a teacher and magistrate in relation to allegations of historical sexual abuse of a pupil.
  • R v Preston & Others (Liverpool Crown Court): Led junior in defence of allegation of Murder.
  • R v Jackson & Others (Liverpool Crown Court): Defending £100,000,000 nationwide theft and robberies of HGV’s and contents.
  • R v Love & Others ( Northampton Crown Court): Defending Large Scale hijacking and robbery of HGV lorries and contents.
  • R v Hardacre (Liverpool Crown Court): Defence of attempt to murder girlfriend by throwing her from a balcony.
  • R v Warhurst & Others ( Manchester Crown Court): Multi handed prosecution of internal fraud on part of Department for Work and Pension employee and others.
  • R v Buffong & Simpson (Manchester Crown Court): Customs prosecution, importation of class A drugs from jamaica through manchester airport.
  • R v Dutton & Others (Liverpool Crown Court): Led Junior in the prosecution of the Mayor of Sefton and his partner for conspiracy to Defraud the Department for work and pensions.
  • R v Abbott & Others ( Liverpool Crown Court): Led Junior in defence of allegations of conspiracy to murder whilst a serving prisoner for manslaughter.
  • R v Sutton ( Liverpool Crown Court): Led Prosecution of “Operation Care” case involving institutional child abuse in care homes in the North West during the 1970’s and 1980’s.
  • Successfully opposed conviction appeal.


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