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Mr Michael Jones

Call: 1999

Practice Areas


Mr Michael Jones is a Category 3 Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service. He has represented successfully the prosecution and also defendants in numerous high profile cases over the years.

The majority of his work is now children matters both Private and Public Law for Local Authorities, Parents and Children appointed by the CAFCASS Guardian. These cases involve issues of physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children. Having been a member of the Children Panel as a Solicitor he had a considerable insight into the nature of the relationship between the Guardian and the Solicitor. Having dealt with adults and children over the years in extremely stressful situations he has considerable experience in communicating in a clear and concise manner in such situations. When representing Local Authorities he has a clear understanding of the pressures upon the Social Workers and also the management responsibilities placed upon the Local Authorities by the Public Law Outline.

Mr Jones also conducts cases in the Court of Protection primarily for the relatives of vulnerable adults.


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