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Pensioner claims copyright of crossword puzzle

The lawyer of a 90-year-old woman, who mistakenly started filling in an art exhibit in the form of a crossword puzzle, claims that she holds the copyright of the "new" work.

The 1977 creation by the 20th-century artist Arthur Köpcke was lent to Nuremberg’s Neues Museum by a private collector, and is said to be worth around £68,000.

The retired German dentist, Hannelore K.—her full name has not been released—visited the gallery along with other pensioners last month. During a half-hour interview with the local police following the discovery of her additions to Köpcke's creation, the woman said that she started filling in the artwork's crossword puzzle because it bore the phrases "Insert words" and "so it suits."

These were written in English, a language she understands, and she took them to be a serious invitation to use the crossword clues to fill in the empty squares. She said that if the museum did not want people to follow the artist's instructions, they should have placed a warning notice alongside it.

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Samsung Used 'Apple Watch' Pics In Patent

A tit-for-tat tussle between Apple and Samsung for tech supremacy has taken a bizarre twist - with Samsung filing for a smartphone patent apparently using images of the Apple Watch.

The two tech giants have battled each other in the courts and in the media over claims they've stolen ideas from each other.

Now a Samsung patent for a "wearable device" appears to have used illustrations that look just like Apple's smartwatch.

The patent application was filed in January and published this week.

The illustrations are described in the application as "views illustrating diverse shapes, structures, and materials of a first strap portion or a second strap portion in a wearable device".

The application shows six black and white sketches of what is supposed to be Samsung's watch - but seems to instead show the square display of the Apple Watch.

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Legal web searches by businesses soaring

New figures from the Bar Council’s Direct Access Portal, the free to use ‘find a barrister’ website, show that the public and businesses are turning to barristers to help them with a wide range of legal issues.

Search statistics from a sample of more than 9000 individual searches made between 1 January and 1 August this year reveal that the top 20 most common search terms on the Portal, which lists barristers who have undergone additional training in order to deal directly with clients, revealed that employment issues, commercial matters and EU law were amongst the most popular searches this year. Searches for intellectual property, personal injury and disability discrimination were also popular, as was banking.

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