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Uber, Wild Geese Irish Whiskey and the heatwave

Holidays and sick pay, trademark disputes and employee laws

Uber Faces Tribunal Over Holidays And Sick Pay

Uber is facing an employment tribunal claim from drivers who argue it is acting unlawfully by not offering rights such as holiday and sick pay.

The GMB union is backing two test cases which will also determine whether Uber drivers are entitled to receive a guaranteed minimum wage.

In addition, drivers are unhappy at pay being docked for customer complaints.

The GMB said that the case, being heard at the Central London Employment Tribunal, would have an impact on a further 17 claims that have been brought against Uber and wider implications for its tens of thousands of drivers in the UK.

It said the case was the first time that the company will have faced legal action in the UK over the issue of whether their drivers are classed as workers or are self-employed.

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Wild Geese Irish Whiskey Wins Landmark Australian Trade Mark Action

The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey has welcomed the unanimous decision of the Federal Court of Australia that will enable the independent global Irish whiskey brand to enter the Australian market. The victory marks the decision by five Australian Federal Court Judges to find in favour of an appeal by the Wild Geese Irish Whiskey concerning the non-use of trade marks by Wild Turkey.

The appeal relates to the last attempt by Pernod Ricard, then owners of Wild Turkey, to prevent the Wild Geese Irish Whiskey from market entry into the Irish Whiskey Category. Overall this activity comprised several geographies and over 50 actions over 14 years, following the refusal by The Wild Geese to comply with Pernod Ricard's demands that it be granted the right of veto where The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey could be sold in competition with Jameson.

In an attempt to limit the reach of The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey, Wild Turkey took assignment of the 'Wild Geese' trademark from Wild Geese Wines in Australia in 2007. This latest action has subsequently found that while the 'Wild Geese' trademark had been used by Wild Turkey between 2007 and 2010 it was done so incorrectly.

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What does the law say on employee rights during a heatwave?

It might not happen often, but when Britain swelters in soaring temperatures it is not everyone's idea of bliss.

While those lucky enough to be on holiday during mini-heatwaves can enjoy the weather in their gardens - or from air-conditioned comfort - what about those who have to work when the mercury rises?

Rules around temperatures in the indoor workplace are covered by the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.

The regulations place a legal obligation on employers to provide a "reasonable" temperature in the workplace.

However, while there is a minimum working temperature, there is no statutory upper limit.

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