Temple Legal Centre Based at 7 Harrington Street Chambers

Temple Legal Centre now based at 7 Harrington Street Chambers


Temple Legal Centre (TLC) is a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) (charity registration number 1171331 registered on 26.01.2017) with the following objectives:

  1. To promote, for the public benefit, the sound administration of the law particularly, though not exclusively, by providing legal advice and assistance in family matters to individuals who are unable to secure such services from their own resources; and
  2. To provide, for the benefit of the public, assistance through conciliation and mediation for families whose relationships appear to be breaking down, and where such relationships have already broken down, to advise and help in the settlement of differences or potential differences over associated matters such as custody and access to children, and other family matters.


TLC was originally founded by Leanne Targett-Parker in 2013, in response to the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO), which ended much of the legal aid provided to persons within, among other areas, the family law arena. TLC provided the same services it does now however on a smaller scale and through a limited company, Temple Legal Centre Ltd, with Leanne Targett-Parker as its sole director.  As TLC grew, it was clear that TLC needed to develop with the appointment of trustees and an application for charitable status.  Not only would this improve funding opportunities but it would enable aims and objectives to be achieved with a board of trustees striving for its success.


Previously, TLC was based at 10KBW Chambers in Inner Temple, courtesy of the Head of Chambers, Mr Michael Harris, and the Management Committee. However, in 2017, TLC moved to its current base at The Honourable Society of Inner Temple (Inner Temple), Crown Office Row, Temple, London, EC4Y 7HL.  In early 2018, the Benchers of Inner Temple voted to provide TLC with a home in perpetuity.  Inner Temple is currently going through significant rebuilding and refurbishment work.  In its plan to manage this, Inner Temple applied for planning permission to place portacabins in its car park.  However, the City of London refused that permission meaning that Inner Temple was unable to house all of its offices and functions within the curtilage of Inner Temple and had to adjust for this.  One of the victims of the shortage of space was that TLC was to become ‘homeless’ for 2 years.


Since November 2019, TLC’s second clinic was opened at 7 Harrington Street Chambers, Liverpool (7HS). TLC is very grateful for the opportunity provided by 7HS and its Management Committee to provide a home for TLC in Liverpool enabling TLC to open its first North West clinic.


Leanne Targett-Parker (as a member of Lincoln’s Inn), and Greg Dorey, the newly appointed sub-treasurer (Inner Temple’s CEO), arranged for TLC to hold clinic sessions at The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn (Lincoln’s Inn) and The Honourable Society of Middle Temple (Middle Temple). These facilities provide additional space for TLC to have more advisors and more frequency of clinics.  TLC will remain with Lincoln’s Inn and Middle Temple until 2021, when it will return to Inner Temple.


TLC currently has 3 trustees namely James Holmes, Karina Fleet and Leanne. Andrew Brown was appointed the interim director in July 2018 (a remunerated post).  TLC has 2 patrons; Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss GBC, PC as its legal patron and Gillian Anderson as its non-legal patron.


TLC has a number of volunteers and advisors who are unremunerated. All advisors are qualified solicitors or barristers experienced in family law.  All volunteers are persons interested in the law and in particular family law.  They are either students, paralegals, trainees or pupils.  TLC provides hands on training and mentoring to its volunteers.


TLC clinics are weekly alternating in London and Liverpool where the clinic opened in Pro Bono Week 2019. The clinics are held on Monday evenings from 6pm to 9pm with each client given an appointment rather than a ‘turn-up’ clinic.  Each client spends up to 30 minutes with an advisor to give instructions and be provided with advice.  This advice can take the form of supporting and advising on upcoming hearings, advising on and assisting with applications, assisting with responding to documents either from the other party/ies and/or court orders and general advice for potential situations such as relations ending and how issues such as finances and the children are resolved without resulting to court proceedings.  Further appointments are offered on a necessary and proportionate basis.


Clients are referred to TLC from other agencies such as the Personal Support Unit, other legal advice/law centres, court publicity and the website/internet.


If you are interested in working with TLC or require legal advice please do not hesitate to contact Andy on enquiries@templelegalcentre.org or 07887 776099.




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