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17 December 2015

Victoria Roberts in breakthrough case

Victoria Roberts in breakthrough case
17 December 2015

Victoria Roberts in breakthrough case

Victoria Roberts appeared in the high court of justice, London in a case concerning an applicant father (a US national) trying to locate the whereabouts of his child.

In 2004, the case started life in the Federal Court, USA following the mother’s abduction of the child.

Following three further moves by the mother with the child, the case was then dealt with by the Northern Irish Courts over a four-year period. 

Further abduction proceedings ensued under The Hague Convention. The High Court of Justice granted a location order compelling the mother to disclose the whereabouts of the child and to surrender their passports together with a Prohibited Steps Order.

The case was an important breakthrough for an applicant who has been in proceedings for an 11-year period.

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